The Berries!

HiFiBerry makes it to the Jungle!

After a lot of stops and starts courtesy of an archaic and bureaucratic third-world banking system, I finally managed to order some bits.

After the nice man from DHL came to visit yesterday lunchtime, I've been busy putting together my new Pi 2B's and HiFiBerry DAC+ and AMP+ setups.

Firstly - great work Daniel! Really nice bits of kit. The amp is so flat and uncoloured - it's going to be a pleasure teaming it up with some new speakers.

Secondly - great work Daniel! Love the DAC+. :) And coming from a VAT-free zone, what a bargain!

The AMP+ is destined for my wife's schoolroom. They are bereft of any AV gear and I am in the process of making a streaming 'boom box' so the wee kiddies can enjoy Western hand-clappy songs and show tunes.

The DAC+ is already installed on my Audiolab/Linn setup and doing a remarkable job of reminding me how important source material is. I can see a lot of re-encoding in my near future.

And thanks to the fantastic customer service from Ted Chan at Raspberryware in Malaysia. Shipped on a fast boat in less than a day and for a very reasonable price. Thanks again Ted.

Even the other half is impressed!

Currently I am using Moode for the HiFi and Volumio for the 'boom box' (only because the AMP+ is proving a bit obstinate on Moode).

Being new to the party doesn't count for anything - Moode is the best MPD setup I have tried to date. And Tim Carter, the developer, is very active and responsive to queries and issues. Give it a go! Going back to Volumio was like such a drag, but at least it works!

Looking forward to many more hours fiddling around.

Current config for the HiFi, given that most of my source currently is my iTunes library connected via 100MB ethernet (can't find a wifi setup that's reliable enough):

DSP Operations
Resampler: soxr high
Format: Stereo, 24 bit, 96 kHz
Output Stream
Status: active
Format: Stereo, 24 bit, 96 kHz
Rate: 4.608 mbps

And it seems to be doing an admirable job. Given the ambient temperature is about 30c and very humid, my Pi 2B is running at less than 5% and 47C.


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