Advised maximum cable length


I'm planning to put some speakers in different rooms of my (new-built) house.
And instead of going for some expensive sound systems, I was thinking on placing a RPi2 and AMP+ in each room to connect to that room's speakers. That way, I could stream audio (and video of needed) to each room of the house.

Now, I'm still thinking on where to put the Pi's...
I could place all of them in a central location and go from there with the speaker cables to all the different rooms.
Or I could place a power and network cable in each room and put the Pi close to the speaker.

The first option has the advantage that I can always reach the Pi's in case of issues or so. But then I need long(er) speaker cables which might cause additional noise.
The second option has the disadvantage that the Pi's aren't easy to reach, but I would need a lot shorther speaker cables.

What is the advised maximum length for a Pi & AMP+ to get a good and clear sound?

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