Pinout of Additional 12 PIN Header on HifiBerry DAC R2.2

i am playing around with adding an LCD and IR Reciever to my HifiBerry DAC and Raspberry B setup. So I need access to GPIO pins and 5V, 3.3V and GND. I figured I can use the not populated 12 PIN header on my HifiBerry DAC since it seems to carry some of the PIN of the P1 header from Raspberry PI. So I soldered a header there and tried to figure out the pinout.
This is what I got, looking on the Hifiberry from above

GND o o 5V
? o o GPIO 23
GPIO 22 o o GPIO 24
GPIO 10 o o GPIO 25
GPIO 9 o o GPIO 8
GPIO 11 o o GPIO 7

When i looked at the board ? should have been 3.3V but it measures as 0V to GND. Could someone confirm that and if it is so tell me what is on that pin. Or is it just that I have a bad soldering point there and it should really be 3.3V.

By the way its a great product and I am having a lot of fun with it.


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