HifiBerry Amp+ / Speakers / PS


even if it is discussed here sometimes I am not sure how to setup the audio hardware und power supply for the HifiBerry Amp+.
First of all: My setup works on a Raspi 2 B under Rasbian 3.18.7v7. As music player I use softsqueeze/Java under x with a Watterott 7"-Touchdisplay and a TSOP4838 remote receiver attached to GPIO. Everything is fine. In the moment I use only two small 2 W speakers from my spear part box.

To optimize my setup I´m searching now for some hifi speakers but I´m not sure which one to take.
What specification must the speakers have?
The HifiBerry description says the maximum output is 25 W. Is this for both channels?

When I look to the specifications of speakers there is always written a nominal power and a music power. Must the nominal power of the speaker less than 25 W or can it be higher? I don´t want to burn the HifiberryAmp+...

Last but not least: What is the best choice for the power supply? If it is possible to attach speaker boxes of 60 W, what kind of power supply do I need then? 60 W either?

Sorry for these many questions but I´m not really an expert in these audio things.




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