Any possibility to add some kind of line in


I'm planning to build my own mobile music player for use in my garden or to bring along on holiday. The idea is to use a Raspi 2 with the AMP+ and some 25watt 3-way car speakers. As storage I can use a sd card or, when I'm at home, stream through my music collection using wifi. Besides that it would be realy nice to be able to plug in (a friends) Ipod/Iphone etc throug some kind of line in to be able to play music from there.

Do you know of any possibility to add a line in of some sort? Jack, RCA etc? I did a lot of searching and noticed this (quitte expensive for just a line in) possible sollution: http://www.suptronics.com/Xseries/x300.html

Since this board has an extra set of GIO pins on top, would it be possible to mount the AMP+ to this board and be able to use the line in of the x300?

I really hope you guys can help me out...

Kind regards,



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