Horrible analog output with onboard audio

Hello fellow Pi users,

A few days ago I received my Pi2 ,I have the latest volumio installed and i have the following issue. My static noise at low volume is huge, can't explain myself why. This kind of noise I encountered when I had a cheap PC with a cheap onboard soundcard connected to my stereo. At this moment my pi is connected to a Sony amplifier through the jack. I tried, different branded and nonbranded phone chargers, powered from TV, Stereo etc.., different usb cables , even with ferrite bead insulator, with ethernet cables unpluged, .. not much diferrence. I don't have experience with pi's, could it be that the jack output is so weak, and i'm used to better audio sources?
The jack-rca cable is ok, I'm using also to connect my phone to the stereo, no noise at all .
Tried it via HDMI to the TV, I have some noise, but insignificant ( I had to turn up 100% tv volume, and still just a little background noise).

My question is, will a hifiberry dac improve the quality and solve the issue? Or better a hifiberry digi, and I will feed the amp digitally?? Can background noise be transmitted via optical out? I can't try the audio out through usb.
I would like to sort out this problem before ordering the dac or the digi.
Honestly I want to use the little Pi instead of a branded network audio streamer, I like it a lot.

Many thanks in advance.

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