What can / can't go through the DAC+

I'm thinking of purchasing a DAC+ for my RPi2 but I want to make sure I understand any possible limitations before I do.

I'll be using it with OpenElec and from what I gather, the DAC+ will only work with dvdplayer, not omxplayer. I presume that also means it can't be used for music playback, which doesn't use dvdplayer as far as I know?

As far as video playback is concerned, are there any limitations of dvdplayer that I should be aware of that mean I might not be able to play certain files with it that OMXplayer will play (which won't be an option if I'm using the DAC+)?

How about audio formats, DTS, etc, are there any of those that dvdplayer can't decode to stereo PCM and thus won't be able to play via the DAC+?

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