Kodi freezing


I just received and installed a Pi B+/DAC+, running with the OpenElec distribution provided by HifiBerry.

First of all I'd like to point out how easy and straightforward it is to set the device up. My USB drive was immediately detected and shared through Samba, the pre-configured distribution is just great. With Yatse on a tablet it is nearly useless to plug any keyboard/mouse to the Pi, even on the first start. Thumbs up to the team for the great work and making this plug-and-play!

Yet....I've had some issues while scrapping my music library. It took a few hours to scan (20000 files with online update activated), but every once in a while the Pi would freeze. I'm not really sure wether it's Kodi or the Pi which crashes: When it happened, the Pi LED remained ON (red not flashing), but the device was unavailable on SSH. Restarting worked nice and resumed the scrapping.

I've got the power included in the bundle provided by Hifiberry, so I guess it's not likely to be a voltage issue. Maybe a faulty SD card? The crashes seemed pretty regular, maybe every 15 minutes. Noob question: which logs should I search in to start ?

Any advice highly appreciated.




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