Hifiberry Digi & Raspberry Pi B

I have a brand new Hifiberry and this modul will not work. Kodi Version 5.0.1
I have use the howto :https://www.hifiberry.com/guides/openelec-configuration/

The output I get is :
EG-OpenELEC:~/backups # aplay -l
aplay: device_list:268: no soundcards found...

and dmesg shows me

[ 5.341237] bcm2708_rng_init=d6a1a000
[ 6.481000] wm8804 1-003b: Failed to read device ID: -1
[ 6.481041] wm8804 1-003b: ASoC: failed to probe CODEC -1
[ 6.481133] snd-hifiberry-digi snd-hifiberry-digi.0: ASoC: failed to instantiate card -1
[ 6.481235] snd-hifiberry-digi snd-hifiberry-digi.0: snd_soc_register_card() failed: -1
[ 6.481290] snd-hifiberry-digi: probe of snd-hifiberry-digi.0 failed with error -1
[ 6.698128] systemd-journald[168]: Received request to flush runtime journal from PID 1

Where is the problem?

P.S.: I haven't found a actually discussion about this problem


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