Hiss in Bedroom speaker

Hi folks,

I'm looking to potentially buy a couple of hifiberrys for my picoreplayer setup.

My problem is one of these speakers will be in my bedroom. My problem is that all amps will produce some hiss when the gain is turned up, and as we use software volume the gain on the amps are always turned up, producing a small hiss, in most rooms this isn't noticeable, but in the bedroom it will be more so. So my question was how do I eliminate/improve this hiss? Will the hifiberry amp help with this? If I "turn off" the player in logitech media server, will it, instead of just switching off the sound card like it does with the normal hifiberrys, will it actually turn off the amp, thereby solving the problem? Or will it be the same as if I was running an external amp? In that case any tips?


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