AMP+ Volumio 1.51 Linux 3.18

Dear All,

I'm afraid I need your help. I have followed config guides closely, have redone all on a second Raspberry + AMP system to be sure HW is fine, and still AMP wouldn't play me a song.
My suspicion is that also the AMP is now affected by Linux 3.18.x changes regarding device tree files etc.

Here's my story:
Updated kernel, synced and rebooted. uname -a brings "Linux myplayer 3.18.3+ #739 ..."

Started configuring with guide, and, as advised for AMP, went back to /etc/modules. Followed the list, and only had to create /etc/asound.conf for ALSA, since the rest (blacklist and modules) looked okay.

Rebooted, and aply -l still brings "aplay: device_list:268: no soundcards found..."

End of my story, end of my capabilities. Kindly ask for some advice.

Cheers, Georg


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