DAC+: Which distribution is recommended ?

Hello everyone

I'm new here, and about to purchase a RPi B+ with DAC+.
Before jumping in, I would like to make sure my target configuration will work. I have some general Linux knowledge but I would not feel too confortable having to tweak some tricky driver configurations :)

What I need: to read FLAC files stored on a Samba NAS, and output via the RCA out. I also want to remote control the Rpi on an Android tab. I would like to use Kodi/XBMC. Nothing too exotic..

I was quite puzzled when going through the various forums regarding the best distribution to do the job: Raspbian, OpenElec, Volumeo... My understanding is that OpenElec has Kodi built in, but can have problems with Hifiberry due to some drivers conflicting. The software page says openElec works with versions >=4.97 but there is a pre configured distrib with 4.1.6 only..

Long story made short: which distrib would you recommand for a beginner ?

I know this is a RTFM-question...but any tip would be highly appreciated.



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