DD&DTS passthrough?


I just found out that I can't have Dolby Suround with my Raspi+Hifiberry.

You write on your website:
Important note: While the hardware is able to output DTS/Dolby Digital, software has to be adapted to support this. We will support the developers to implement this. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that this feature will work with a specific software. Please ask the developers of the software if this is supported.

I assumed Dolby Surround would work with some kind of software but maybe not with every distro (like Raspian). After hours of trying while one month passed by I would now like to ask directly: How can I watch movies with multichannel sound by using your device?

I need
- some movie player which uses your device, and gives me DD, DTS or whatever I can use to have 5.1 sound via Toslink or Coax.
- or a software which passes the signals through to my receiver via Toslink or Coax.

If it is not possible then you may write it directly to your website until it works somehow.


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