Need dimensions/pictures of DAC fitted to RPi please


I want to install a DAC on my brother's RPi but I need to check it will fit in the case I made him, using a VHS tape box.

As you can see from this picture, the RPi is set back a bit from the edge of the box, with a hole cut for the HDMI cable http://s30.postimg.org/a2mquz375/SAM_0296.jpg

So if the DAC doesn't extend past the edge of the board and the 3.5mm socket on this version http://www.hifiberry.com/product/hifiberry-dac-phone-jack-version/ sits above the HDMI socket (or at least won't clash with the plastic latch on the box (in front of the capacitor) that secures the lid of the box), I can cut another hole for the audio cable. I need to know how high the DAC sits above the RPi as well, to be sure that the lid of the box will still close. You can get an idea of the space available from this photo:
The 3.5mm socket does protrude past the end of the box but as long as it stops short of the edge of the box, it should be OK.

Otherwise, I could get the DIY board http://www.hifiberry.com/product/hifiberry-dac/ and fit another 3.5mm socket in the side of the box (as you can see, I've already got the existing audio and composite outputs wired to sockets there but I'd want to add a separate socket for the DAC, so that the built-in audio can still be used as a fallback in case there's any problems with using the DAC) but I'd rather avoid that if possible, as any cabling runs the risk of picking up interference and it'll be more work to fit a socket as well.

Another question is the spacer that supports the DAC. As you can see, I'm already using the holes in the RPi to secure it to the box with nylon bolts and nuts. I assume the spacer just screws to the top of the DAC but isn't screwed to the RPi with the spacer just resting on it? What I'd probably need to do is get a long bolt that comes through the bottom of the box, with a nut on top of the RPi hole to secure it, then have the bolt going through the DAC, with another nut on top of that. I don't know exactly how long a bolt I'd need for that though or whether a long enough one is even available (certainly not a nylon one I don't think, so I'd have to use a metal one if they're even available in the required length and diameter). Maybe someone has a better idea?

Also, I'd need to know whether the DAC would clash with the two pin header I have on the GPIO that's supplying power to the RPI?

Yeah, I know the box is a bit messy but like I told my brother, when I build stuff that's about as good as it gets ;)


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