HiFiBerry DAC and alsamixer

Just checking on something and want to be sure. I bought a DAC+ for my B+. Works perfect.

Just got the DAC for my old B version RPi and soldered on the header and did the software config (Raspian) and sure enough it works perfect however I noticed that alsamixer reports it has no controls. Found this:

Q: Does it have a volume control?
A: Our new HiFiBerry DAC+ board comes with an integrated volume control. However the older HiFIBerry DAC uses the digital data without any post-processing. It will output the sound stream with the volume the application feeds it. Many applications can use an internal volume control (so called software volume control). If the application you want to use does not have a software volume control, you can’t control the volume by software. However the best way to control the software is a analog volume control after the DAC. While software volume control is an option, it will reduce signal-to-noise ratio. If you connect the DAC to your amplifier, you should use the volume control of your amplifier.

Which I guess means it doesn't work with alsamixer. Is that correct? No problem as I have it hooked to an external amp (Schiit Magni). Sounds good!



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