correctly labelled jpeg not always displaying

No matter when I notice an album cover not showing up during playback I go into the folder to see whats wrong happen, its often the file named Cover or Folder and changing the capital letter to lower case fixes the problem.
Over the last couple of days I have been finding covers not being displayed and when I check it out everything seems correct. They are jpegs named cover or folder, szie varies from 45kb to 840kb, there dosesn't seem to be any strange files in the folder that aren't in the other folders but they just wont show up.
I've renamed cover to folder and vice versa, updated folders, deleted the files then re loaded them but nothing seems to work. I just get the runeaudio logo.
Unfortunately due to the large number of music files I have and the fact that I'm not always checking the cover displays means I cant be 100% sure that this is a new problem, but the fact I haven't encountered it before suggests it is and I think it's since the latest gitpull.
An ideas out there?


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