Amp voltage regulator broken ?


as one of the early birds I'm proud owner of a HifiBerry Amp 0.9 (beta testing)

As live goes on, I now found the time to start my little amp project.

The amp was running fine with a 12 V 5A power supply, happily powering the raspi.

Now I wanted to connect 2 speakers and to find out which +/- left/right cable would be the right one I searched the whole internet (it's wireless!) and didn't find any reliable documentation.

Amp hardware version 0.9 does not come up with 'text' on the board to make clean what cable goes where.

So i decided to unplug the amp from the raspi in the hope there is some text on the bottom. nada.

Since I found nothing I decided to browse google images until I found a picture hifiberry amp where 'left/right' and '+/-' where readable on the circuit board.

I replugged the amp to the raspi, connected the speaker cables ( + left - / + right - ) and replugged the power.

Nothing happened. The raspi not even showed a power led, so I measured the GPIO pins against ground and there was no voltage anywhere. The powersupply is fine, I can measure the 12 volts at the connector pins on the amp. But anywhere else: nothing.

Is there anything I can do ? Is this a 'beta version 0.9' issue ?




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