Small media player with squeezelite/slave

Hi there,

I want to share a little media player project, where I basically used other people's ideas and tied them together to
give a Squeezebox player including a display and remote control functionality.

I was very impressed with this project and wanted to make a squeezebox version of it.

Now I am using the squeezelite clone by Machack (see here and here, that brings the squeezeslave GUI code into squeezelite. The latter seems to me a VERY stable player, but without the GUI functionality
it is lacking the ability to even display what music is being played. The clone mentioned above fixed this and
also offers the chance to even control the player locally (at least changing the volume and a play/stop function
would be appreciated).

I did not have to worry about the squeezbox server, as my NAS device comes with this functionality included.
So the raspberry only needs to act as a client.

In addition, the installation and configuration of LCDproc (for the LCD display) and lirc (for the support of a
remote control) were needed. For LCDproc, this is a good source of information.

Et voilà, it's running now and comes as a very compact box.

Hifiberry-wise I am using a DAC+ on a raspberry b+. As you can see I added a 40pin male header to the DAC+ (thank you
for providing the space for it) to use various GPIOs to connect the IR diode and the LCD diplay. Also in the case is
a switching 5V power supply that is connected to the DAC (which in turn powers the raspberry here). I had to re-assign some GPIOs as the standard configuration in LCDd and lirc would be conflicting with the DAC+. In both cases there
are config files so re-assigning is quite easy.

The OS is a current Raspbian.


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