Clicking sound only


I just received my HifiBerry Amp and it has been working perfect for a day.

However I just plugged out my Raspberry, and after plugging in again all I can hear are clicking sounds on both speakers. They seem to start once the kernel module is loaded and only stop when the plug is pulled. They come with a frequency of about 1Hz (once per second).

Modules get loaded, aplay shows the amp as a sound device and the only thing close to an error in dmesg is:

[ 8.110677] pcm512x 1-004d: Failed to reset device: -5
[ 8.146812] pcm512x: probe of 1-004d failed with error -5
[ 8.171468] pcm512x 1-004c: Failed to reset device: -5
[ 8.178464] pcm512x: probe of 1-004c failed with error -5

I couldn't say if that hasn't been there before, though.

Also volumio seems to think it can play back, but no matter whether it plays a song or stops playing, the clicks don't change.

I tried with the amp in a second raspberry, btw and it was the same. Also, I switched back to HifiBerry DAC on the original PI and that's working perfectly (with an external amp)

Is there anything else I could try or did the board actually die on me after one day?



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