HifiBerry Digi on Openelec 4.2.1. passthrough issue

I've recently purchased the HifiBerry Digi (non-plus) for my Raspi B using latest Openelec 4.2.1. What I've managed to run perfectly is simple stereo output for music, streams, videos using the coax output. Unfortunately passthrough for AC3 containing videos doesn't seem to work, instead of coax output Openelec uses HDMI, where I can hear the sound on my TV. I've set the ALSA device as main and passthrough output device. Currently I'm using a specific video with an AC3 stream which used to play fine in the past using the configuration Raspi -> HDMI -> TV -> coax -> Receiver. What I want to have now is Raspi -> coax -> receiver.
Any clues?
Thanks in advance,


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