DIGI and DAC at the same time

I started my journey when I bought a new DAC with digital input only. So, I wanted to have some portable device with digital out but, with an acceptable price.
After looking for this during hours, I realized the less expensive way to do that is with RPI plus your DIGI.
Now, I'm waiting for the part to come and I was thinking if, by the way, I could assemble the RPI with both DIGI and your DAC at the same time (eventually, with an expansion board).

Could you please, instruct me how to do that and what parts do I need besides the two I've mentioned before?

I was thinking in a DIY PSU linked directly on digital out card with 5V. But, with this plus, how/where should I connect the PSU and under which power (voltage and max current) this should be done?

In advance, I'm sorry for some "English language error", but I'm Portuguese.

Thank you


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