DAC+ Can I break my audio equipment?

My Pi B+ with Hifiberry DAC+ is connected to the "AUX" port of a Bowers & Wilkins Z2. I have made two observations:

  1. With the hifiberry testimage, the sinus wave is played at full volume. I can't gradually turn down the volume: One click to "-" on the Z2 silences the output completely. One click on "+" and I have full volume again. I find this strange on an analoge input.

  2. Still struggling with Volumio, I managed to produce output. However, I hear a crackling sound periodically, even if the Z2 is not switched to "AUX" (e.g. if it plays back from the connected iPod).

Specifically this second point worries me: How can an analoge input cause a crackle throughout the device? Is there a voltage spike that is way out of spec on the cinch ports? Can this damage my Z2?


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