HiFiBerry Digi + Kills Network and USB


this may be one of those questions that is very quickly answered, but I have just installed my HiFiBerry Digi + and effectively once I have altered the /etc/modules file, the next time I boot up, my network and USB start (disco lights), and then die just as the raspbmc logo comes up a second time...

I can see the Digi in audio outputs, but as my keyboard is USB, I cant do much with the menu... (Can't use Yatse either as network is down) so I use the TV remote... but as the network is now down, I cant play any music... hahaha. I cant operate via USB wifi either. (Just FYI, I completely reinstalled Raspbmc again, as I couldn't use SSL or anything to get to the command line so that I could undo the module file modification to check that... USB and network worked, tried modification of modules again.. same pain!!!)... hmmm maybe I should mount the SD card on my PC... but I'm not sure how I'd go about that...

Would I be right in assuming that this is related to my power supply not being gutsy enough? It is a 5.15V 1A unit (I have two identical ones... and all the other ones I have are rated at 5V or less...). I thought 5.15V should cut the mustard, although that's what's printed on the thing, and perhaps not what is actually there. I'll admit to not having a multimeter or pretty much anything else useful in debugging electronics, so measuring things is perhaps a bit beyond me.

If my suspicion is correct, and there is a recommendation for a PSU and where I could buy it in Switzerland, that'd be pretty handy. If on the other hand, something more sinister is at play... any ideas? (and please excuse me if this was a huge waste of time and I've gone done something stupid, as I'm a noob... hehe).



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