Output "cuts-out"


I'm not sure if this is a HiFiBerry DAC (using 3.5mm jack) issue, Volumio 1.4 issue or an issue with my (basic) sound system.

Playback starts okay, but after a short period a "crackling" type noise starts to be heard, then the audio stops (cuts-out). It is still playing in Volumio. If I alter the volume on the sound system the audio returns for a bit then it cuts out again.

I've replaced my RPi/DAC with a friends and have the same issue. When we tested at this home with a simple pair of powered speakers it ran fine (fyi DAC's all purchased in the same order).

I've Googled but haven't found anything resembling my symptoms. Any thoughts would be appreciated. If you need more information I'll try to provide it.

Running the audio straight off the RPi (no DAC) worked without any issues.

Thanks......it the short time it ran it sounded so good..!


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