Hifiberry DAC with Speakercraft BB1235

Hi, Guys,

I am excited to have bought the Hifiberry DAC, actually two of them, along with some other DAC borads, I was planning to build a 5-source 5-zone whole house audio system, I was thinking to hook up the Hifiberry DAC with a Speakercraft BB1235 12-channel amplifier, after trying with this setup, I don't get the sound from it. I did try the Hifiberry with a separate headphone amplifer, I did get sound from it, so I know Hifiberry is working with Volumio distro.

Now that brings me the question, is Hifiberry DAC able to "drive" the BB1235 at all? Do I need a pre-amp in between? The BB1235's specs are as follows:

Power Output:
35 Watts per channel RMS at 8 ohms (all channels driven)
Input Sensitivity:
500mv for 8 ohm rated output
Input Impedance:
15K ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion:
.06% 20Hz to 20kHz @ 8 ohms (all channels driven)

Any input is highly appreicated.

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