Defective HifiBerry digi? Random sound level & quality


I received the "Digi" version of the Hifiberry a few weeks ago, but until then I did not have time to try it.
I soldered the pins to the raspberry, plugged the digi onto the Blackberry, checked the soldering, checked the "green ligh" on the digiberry, loaded the modules and ran various tests.

Sadly, it does not work....

The symptoms are quite strange, each time "aplay test-sound.wav" is played on the raspberry, without changing any other parameter (loop "aplay, ^C, aplay, ^C, aplay, ^C...") the output is different:
- sound level is unpredictable, from "I cannot hear anything" to "the headphones will explode in 5 4 3..."
- sous quality is unpredictable, from "very nice" to "schkrkrkkrkschtttt"

I insist: the physical and logical setup is unchanged between 2 tests.

The "test SD image" presents the same symptoms.
The "test sound script" presents the same symptoms.
I tested plugging the Digi on 2 different DACS. Same thing.

Is it a faulty DigiBerry ? I checked the soldering and it seems fine.

Best regards,


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