SD-card corruption after HifiBerry install. Power or header problem?

I have installed the HifiBerry on my xBian Beta 2 install.

Firstly, I needed to install a new dev-kernel for having the desired modules in place. After doing so I noticed that XBMC did not boot anymore, the splash screen just looped.
I checked dmesg and found many strange btrfs checksum errors that lead me to believe that writing to the SC-card caused the errors, which in turn can suggest a power problem or something. The Hifiberry worked then with the dev kernel, but XBMC not anymore.

I tried different SD-cards, installing from scratch, restoring backups and even a 2nd pi - the btrfs system took a beating whenever I booted after apt-get upgrade, even with stable sources and no dev-kernel.

http://forum.xbian.org/thread-2015-post-20199.html#pid20199 is my posting regarding this on the xbian bulletin board.

Now, how could I check if its a power problem or hunt down the issue? Bear in mind that I currently have no access to a multimeter (ie. i'd need to buy one)

Or is it software related and I should just wait for a stable Xbian with proper HifiBerry support?

After soldering the device I'd really like to get it to work.


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