DIGI DSP Extension


I like built up a System with the DIGI on top of the Berry and the following link:

DIGI -> Sure WM8804 S/PDIF TOSLINK to IIS Converter -> ADAU1701 + EEPROM -> CS4334 Sure IIS/I2S to stereo analog Decoder Board -> 4 channel analog amplifier board.
The S/PDIF TOSLINK to IIS Converter provides also MCLK which is needed by the ADAU. I could probably use the bare Elektor ADAU1701 board to wire the 2 Sure boards and to add the EEPROM. Programming via SigmaStudio. The in and out coming cabels of the Sure boards include MCLK, +5V, GND, DATA, BCLK, LRCLK.
So my first question is, if the Setup will work. If yes, can one of the experts tell me, which other parts beside the EEPROM are required to get the ADAU board running, I suppose I have to power the chip with different voltages than 5V. I want to avoid connection errors so could somebody advise my how to connect the pins to the ADAU. Too many request? Tell me if the project is too ambitious for a DIY HIFI Enthusiast, but beginner in elctronics. I could also use the MINIDSP to achieve the link, but the idea is to get a better understanding of the fundamentals



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