No Audio Output


I bough a Hifiberry DAC a while ago (Order #2165) and never got it to output audio and put it down to my lack of software ability.

However, I recently noticed that you now have a test program to verify operation and tried it but still no audio. Now that I know it's not software, I've just spent the last hour checking the hardware with a scope.

The I2S signals are all present and at a sensible speed (LRCLK is 48 KHz, BCLK is 1.536 MHz and the data pin is toggling at the right rate) and getting to the DAC, the LDO is generating 3.3V and the DAC is generating it's negative rail (-3.3V) correctly. The charge pump is toggling at just over 800 kHz. The internal LDO output (LDOO) is measuring just under 2V.

Control signals (XSMT, FMT and DEMP) all appear to be low except for FLT which is high.

The 2 outputs are both outputting 0V.

I've also inspected the soldering to the DAC and is looks okay.

So what's wrong with the board and how do I get it working or replaced?




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