P1 / P5 connection requirements

Hej folks,

I have two HifiBerry Digi's here that I've been toying with. According to a soldering faq I read the HifiBerry (DAC) only needs the P5 connected, however, I'm not sure if that's also true for the Digi. Can anyone shed some light on this?

While testing I tried connecting only P5 with a ribbon cable, and while the green led of the board lit up the raspberry (running volumio) wouldn't properly load the modules. (error -1 this time, I've had error -22 before on raspbmc and openelec using their experimental builds).
Removing the ribbon cable and putting the Digi directly on the raspberry works fine, but that also connects the P1 connector.

The reason I'm asking: I'd like to get an LCD screen connected to the raspberry at the same time, which definitely needs the P1 connector.

Thanks for reading! :)



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