My DAC can't not lock data from HifiBerry Digi

I had receive the HifiBerry Digi tonight(via order 4290) ,
Everything is OK just beginning : The green LED is turn on, the Pi very quick to found and identify Hifiberry Digi , Than I follow software installation guide to setup MPD(V0.18.9) & Volumio (V1.2 Beta) configuration seems no any problem.
but when I start play music, My DAC (Wadia DA12) lock LED only turn on 1 sec than turn off and can't get any data from Digi (The audio output do not any re-sampling, just direct output 44.1KHz) I tried to reboot power on/off both Pi/Digi and DAC but still the same problem. than I change other DAC (Grace M902B) to double check but this time DAC can normal working. but when I change back Wadia DA12 still can't lock Digi's output data.
Both DAC all work fine when use Hiface2 USB DDC or other S/PDif interface machine.
So my question is whats problem between Digi and Wadia DA12 and how can I solved this problem?


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