Problems with higher sampling rates than 96 k

I got my HifiBerry Digi working on a Pi Model B connected via SPDIF to a Musical Fidelity VDAC and Volumio 1.2 as a Distribution.
Setup works fine with all files with a maximum sampling frequency of 96 kHz. Sound (did I really say sound?) is horrible when playing files sampled at 176,4 or 192 kHz. It's just distortion.
Connected the Pi via Ethernet to the NAS. Tested the NAS before and it had no problems supplying 2 connected audio players with hi-res digital audio and one connected video player with a HD Video with no drops (measured bandwith was ~ 20 MBit).
Pi is powered up with a standard powersupply @ 1.5 A.

Any hints?
Which info do you need from me to troubleshoot this issue?




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