Booting probs with HIFIBerry ?

Hoi everyone,

I got the DAC some days ago, and finaly found the time today to solder it together.
I connected to P5 header AND the P1, since i read, this gives better stability.
And it does. According to me (i do have some experiance, but i immediately admit, i am not an expert at all in electronics) the assembly went just fine. It sure looks how it should look , even with a magnifying glas.
Big was my supprise, when i noticed, the PI wouldnt boot anymore with the DAC installed on it :-( It works just fine without the DAC :-(((
If you need some more information from me, pls ask ! I would love to get this working, I am so dam curious of the results :-)

Before i forget,I did do the software updates as required, upgraded kernel to the latest one, with should have support enabled for this DAC.

I am a bit in the dark here, so please, any advise is WELCOME !!!
Thanx !


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