Improving the sound of a TV


New to crazy-audio, I discover the potential of the HiFiBerry. I'm not sure that it's what I need, so I describe my project.

My mother has a flat screen tv, with poor sound. I have two speakers and a bass boomer (self powered), but I don't have any AV amplifier. I would like to connect these speakers to the TV, using one of the audio outputs, which means adding an amplifier. I would like my mother to use her TV remote control for adjusting the sound volume and the amplifier going on/off with the tv, in order not to bother her with sereval IR remotes. So need to use the CEC interface on a HDMI line of the TV.

Of course I could buy an amplifier, as for example a Yamaha RXV 473, which does the job, though I'm not sure I could program correctly the cec functions to adapt to the Samsung TV (sometimes language barriers beetween makers). Also it's a big box to add and my mother doesn't want to add such a box in her lounge.

As I would like to get into the Rasberry Pi and do some realization with it, I think it could be time to do it on this project. I guess, though I'm not sure, that a RPI with HiFiBerry and a low cost (20€) stereo amplifier kit could be the solution. Of course I don't want to use the potentiometer volume adjustment of such a kit, but get a software volume control through the cec echo of the tv remote. For power on-off, I would like to use also the remote ON/OFF to power the RPI and my amplifier kit. Could anyone tell me if this is possible and help me to build the hardware/software stack to have these functions ?

Thanks for helping.


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