Hifiberry in Openelec 3.9.5 (4.0 Beta 5)

Hi everyone,

as I noticed the actual experimental build of openelec 3.9.5 uses Kernel 3.14.0.
And as I googled Hifiberry is supported since Kernel 3.10.23 wich leads me to my question:

Is it possible to use the hifiberry with the actual beta by simply adding the hifiberry.conf and editing the advancedsettings.xml (dvdplayer) or does the issue with the 24bit-audio still exists?

I would like to upgrade from the experimental build of the 26.2.14 since the actual version seems a little more stable.

BTW: the download-link to the experimental build is broken, so if anybody is looking for a link, this should help:




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