HiFiBerry for music / HDMI for video possible?

I am using raspbmc for xbmc. The last update of raspbmc should support the HIFIBerry DAC.

My challenge:
I would like watch videos (including sound / audio) via TV connected to HDMI interface (as currently). For music (not video) I would like to connect the same raspberry directly to my active stereo loudspeakers via HIFIBerry DAC. The advantage would be that I need not to turn on the TV, listening to music. Only for complex steering within the xbmc menu I need to turn on the TV (music and video files are on my NAS).

1) Preferred Scenario:
Does anybody know if it is possible using raspbmc with xbmc for my issue, without changing the settings manually every time?
It means that somehow it must be detected automatically, if I choose a video file (within video menu of xbmc) or a music file (within music menu of xbmc).
Do I need a script to do it / how?

2) Alternative Scenario:
I guess that installing a music player (like ??? - any suggestions) parallel to xbmc and use xbmc for video via HDMI and the alternative music player for music via HIFIBerry DAC could be easier to realize.
Does this work?
What music player software is recommended (music files are on a NAS)?


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