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Hi i bought my hifi berry dac wihout any connectors and thought this is just an really good idea...actually it wasnt. so here i am.. i bought me some rca connectors just to figure out that thay dont work, like these

because the pins are not fitting right, jeah i could make them fit but it would look not so awesome. so i tried to figure out where to buy the right ones...there arent,only online. than i thought of soldering just a normal rca cabel through the pins where i usually would solder the rca, and found some different pictures on the web where to solder the signal cabel...

he soldered the signal kabel right after the capacitors C6 and C7...


but he soldered it right after the resistors r3 and r6...


so my question...is there any difference? like my opinion there should be..cause if i put a capasitor right before my line signal it generates a high pass filter first order or am i wrong with this?

the second question i ve got is this...is there any difference if i solder an rca or connectore rca kabel through the pins marked with “OUT, L GND R”? instead of using the original rca soldering pins?

would be very happy to get an reply

greetz swan. :-).

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