Streaming from Android phone with uPnP or DLNA

I have recently bought the Hifiberry DAC+ sound card, which has amazingly good sound quality. I have also set up a WiFi dongle so that the RPi can act as an AP hotspot and let Android devices and iPad alike to ssh into it.

Currently, I simply store songs on the SD card, control playback via ssh, and listen to the songs on RPi. But I have actually been thinking about the possibility of using it as a DLNA client to stream music from my Android phone, so that I can store my songs on my phone (or use apps that support DLNA), but play them with the hardware on RPi (and the portable amplifiers/earphones linked to the RPi and DAC board).

Currently I am using the stock Raspbian system. I have heard that Volumio could perhaps do streaming, but I also sometimes use RPi for small projects and linux programming, so I don't really want to switch system. Therefore, may I ask if there are some software packages on Raspbian that can do this? (Also, I'm actually a bit confused about DLNA server/client...if I would like to stream songs INTO RPi, instead of storing songs on it, would RPi need a "DLNA client"?)

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