RPI2 and AMP+ HiFi with Volumio

I hav setup a RPI2 and AMP+ system as a high end stereo system running off a large 12v AGM lead battery.


Are you aware of others who have done the same?  Running high end old Bozak B-302A Urbans and the sound is AMAZING.


Would like to know where I can read about how volume control is done. iPhone Airplay does vol control and so does Volumio web app.  If I set Volumio webapp to anything more then 88% the sound out of the speakers is dangerous, +115db as the Bozaks have high sensitivity of at least 95db.


What is the max setting on volume in Volumio that will create the least amount of distortion.


Is there an article on the total harmonic distortion of the Amp+?


Have you known others that have put high end sensitive speakers on the amp+ - like the Klipschorn on a SET amp system?


Is there a paper or url that explains the volume at the client (iphone, Android) and the rpi/amp+?


Is there a hardware way to attenuate the speaker volume, as digital fly-by-wire control of that much sound energy can be daunting?


Have a fuse in series with battery currently at 7.5 amps.  What should I fuse the system at?


Current draw is very low.  At boot it might peak at 5 amps (at 12v) but constant draw is <0.5 amps!  Is that correct?


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