cracking noise preceedes playback Cambrigde Azur 540R v2

hi there,

I m running Digi+ using Openelec on a Raspberry2, but got a problem with a quite loud crackling tick preceeding any playback of any content (wave, mp3, CDs, moviefiles, mpg2). The signal goes into a rather old amplifier, a Cambridge Azur 540R v2, using either the Coaxial or the Toslink connection. The problem is apparent when changing the content, intermittent when sticking to one type of playbackfiles. I ve enabled and toggled all audio settings, there be passthrough, optimized speaker config, normalize, GPUI resampling, stereo upmix, enabled AC3 device etc, with no apparent improvement. What could be the reason for this problem?

best regards.

mirrormurr, Czech Republic

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