I'm looking at a project to produce a box that has ALL of a bands audio stored in the original 24/32 track (with optional commentary). All of the video footage & digitized images of all of the tour guides, even tickets. I quickly realized that the Pi with a simplified user interface would be ideal. Does the Pi sit in the box with the DAC? If I were looking at 250 units, would it be possible to put the DAC onboard the pi's board so it all sits in your neat box? Could you design it so if they add the power-amp, they will sit together?

The video will obviously be H264 but the audio will either be 24-bit or analogue (so needs carefully putting onto 24-bit).

This is a serious enquiry. I need to get back to them with details on what is possible. The fun will be playing the video on H264 while keeping the audio as 24-bit.

I had literally never seen your site before but it would seem to be an ideal collaboration. You already have the high quality audio and a nicely designed box while I can rewrite the OS, produce the software to allow a 'virtual studio' where 16/24 tracks is mixed. The user can enable/disable tracks and change the mix so that they get to see how each album was produced.

I could be lazy with the speech but I believe the patents on ACELP run out next year and the quality of Audible is as good as FM radio so good enough for the walkthroughs (by band members) and all of interviews and so on.

Sorry I cannot name the band, but if they go for it, I think we will have a lot to talk about.

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