How to equilize and audio balance ?

Hi, since my couch is not centered between the speakers I need to tweak the balance when I watch movies in the evening, How can I achieve this with raspbian and kodi ? Any hardware or software solutions are ok, but if possible I'd like a knob/external controller, or a software solution that avoid to use the desktop since I don't have the keyboard plugged, so maybe a kodi plugin which I can use via the android remote application. Am I dreaming ?
The same is for equalizing, is alsaeq the only solution ? In 2015 we really need to use the CLI to tweak the eq of our systems ?
If not possible I fear I must stick with my old amp and just grab the DAC, but my wife would love the idea to save some room in getting rid of the big amp. Technology is not wife friendly :(

Thank you in advance!


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