Hifiberry disturbs WIFI?

Hi everyone,

I've got my Hifiberry running with RPI 2B.
My installation includes a T-Mobile LTE Surfstick and a WIFI. The RPI runs as a hotspot.

Now everything is fine until I play some music over the Hifiberry. The Hifiberry works fine, the music is good. But after a few seconds my smartphone disconnects from the WIFI. I checked it in my local LAN and could see the following happen:

1) WIFI hotspot enabled, phone connected. No music playback. This works for hours.
2) start Music playback, the phone disconnects from WIFI.
3) all services and drivers for WIFI are loaded and active. Restarting them doesn't help anything.
4) Reboot RPI, everything is fine with the Hotspot

5) If I detach the Hifiberry and use the internal sondcard, everything works fine.

Could it be, that the Hifiberry is disturbing the WIFI? Perhaps any electro-magnetical fields?
Has anybody any idea what I can do about this?

Best regards,


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