Digi + Line Out


I'm this close [holds thumb and forefinger very close together] to buying a Pi2 and a Digi+ to replace my ageing Squeezbox Classic 3. The setup wil be as follows:

  • Pi2 (loaded with OSMC) and Digi+

  • Output to Cambridge Audio external DAC connected to Amp

  • 3.5mm Line out to my Sennhesier Wireless Headphone base unit

It is the last point I'd like to ask a question about. Currently I use the 3.5mm Headphone jack on my squeezbox to feed the Sennheiser base station and I'd like to do the same with the above set up but I'd like to know:

  • whether I can use the existing Pi 3.5mm jack (will the signal quality be rubbish?)

  • whether i need to solder on a 3.5mm jack to the board

  • Whether i then also need to add a headphone amp (i thought not as the Sennheiser basestation is doing the heavy lifting?)

Hope all that makes sense. The 3.5mm line out (or any kind of line out for that matter) is a dealbreaker as I use my wireless headphones every day!

I'm really looking forward to having a crack at this, been dying to get a Pi for ages and this seems like a great excuse.

Thanks in advance.



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