Hifiberry Amp+ idle power consumption


I got one of the new Raspberry Pi B+ now and bought a Hifiberry Amp+ to go with it.
It's powered by a good 12V/2A PSU, which gives it enough volume for my needs (I seldom turn it up beyond 30-40% vmax volume).
The thing is: If I measure the power draw (at the wall socket) then it's 2.5W in idle (running PiCorePlayer, Ethernet connected) and 2.5W when playing music at "room levels". This is a bit unfortunate, because it means that idle power = active power.

The question is: Is there a way to tell the AMP+ (via Software/Firmware) to draw less power when it's not being actively used? That would be great. 2.5W isn't much, but if there is a way to lower it further, then that would be more than welcome!



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