Digital sound detected but no 5.1 output


I recently bought a Raspberry Pi 2B with a Hifiberry digi board.
I connected the rasp to my receiver via S/PDIF. My receiver is a SONY STR-DB925
Although my receiver is an old one it is capable of receiving DTS and AC3 signals.
As long the sound format is analog everything is working fine. Radio/Movie sounds are normal.
As soon as my receiver detects a digital sound it switches to digital decoding.
The display shows it is decoding digital sounds over 5 speakers, but only the background sounds are heard over my front speakers.
I cannot hear any sound over my surround speakers.
E.g. there are no voices over the center speaker.

In OpenElec I've selected the S/PDIF option as output source.
Further I've enabled the passthrough option and I also enabled DTS and AC3 support in OpenElec.

What could be the problem?
Is it because my amp is old (although when connected to my DVD player with S/PDIF it plays perfect DTS signals)
or could this be the same problem as described in: yamaha-dsp-a2?

I hope to find a solution, because the reason to buy a hifiberry was I did not want to replace my receiver.


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