DAC with I/O remote control on PI2

Which operating system is needed to run Hifiberry DAC with Raspberry PI2 exploiting the I / O ports for remote control of some relays?

I tried Volumio but lacks of the most basic fundamental functions such as:
1): quick loading of many music files (you have to load one by one using hours).
2): uploading files on the USB device through LAN.
3): possibility of basic commands from a USB keyboard.
4): running a CD audio format .img (which is possible with any PC)
5) inability to control (taking advantage of the numerous I / O ports) through the relay or optocoupler a different audio portion of the system which can be a tuner, a CD player, an equalizer, eg..

I do not know if RuneAudio have any of these functions but on the SD card will not charge either because (maybe) not compatible with the PI2.

Ultimately how else I can to use a DAC as the Hifiberry?

Also, I can not find on your site a container (preferably metal) to contain the Raspberry PI2 together all'Hifiberry DAC.


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