Faulty Digi?

I have, what appears to be a faulty hifiberry digi+.

The green power light on the board illuminates when power is applied to the 'pi.

I have tried the board on a rpi 2 and rpi+ and with picoreplayer, Max2play, Squeezeplug and the hifiberry test tone and raspbian images.

The board is not recognised as a player in any configuration, only the default outputs for the headphone are listed.

This is my third digi board, I have one connected to an old pi B and one on a new rpi2 (running Max2play/LMS/player to a dac).
I have had no previous problems with set up and configuration.

I would therefore like to return the board for your testing and, hopefully, replacement.

Please advise me with regard to the correct procedure.

I would also like to say that I have spent many hours trying to get this board working, following all the recommendations I could find within the hifiberry forum.

Yours sincerely
Ronald Guise


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