Route audio to different outputs

I would like to use the HiFiBerry DAC+ (ALSA) output to play music and the standard analogue output for audio and video when I watch a movie.

My configuration is as follows:
Pi B+ with Raspian and kernel 3.18.x
Kodi 14.2

When using Kodi all output is either routed to the HiFiBerry or the analogue output. I have to adjust the corresponding setting (System->Audio output) each time I want to switch between my music and my video library. I would like to control Kodi via my mobile phone, changing settings manually is not an option, because normally there is no mouse or keyboard connected to the pi.

I found an official guide (https://www.hifiberry.com/guides/hifiberry-raspbmc/) that states:
"Now all sound output of XBMC will be sent to the HiFiBerry card. However, the sound output for movie playback will still be sent directly to the HDMI output. This can be an interesting setup if you want to playback music over the HiFiBerry but use a TV set or home theater system attached to the HDMI output for video playback"

That guide is written for Kernel 3.12, DAC (not DAC+), the Raspbmc distribution and HDMI. But my configuration is different (see above).

Does anyone know how to route audio to different outputs depending on whether I listen to music or watch a video. Routing audio to both outputs simultaneously would also be option (as asked here: https://www.hifiberry.com/forums/topic/pi2-dac-and-hdmi-sound-output-togheter/ ).

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