Separating HiFiBerry Dac and Raspberry Pi.

I have been using a Raspberry Pi and HifiBerry Dac (r1.5) as my main music source for some time now. I know that replacing the wall wart power supply with something a bit more substantial improved sound for me. What I would like to do is to take this one step further and remove the HiFiBerry DAC from the Pi and power the both separately.

I can see that the HiFiBerry will accept a +5v power input near the headers but what other pins on P1 and P5 headers does the HiFiBerry Dac use?

If I 'read' the circuit board correctly, only one pin on the P1 header has any connection but this is to an unused connection socket marked RASP.

I've found this https://volumio.org/forum/hifiberry-and-rpi-dac-pinout-t29.html which suggest that only P5 header pins 3,4 and 6 are used for I2S data.

There is also a ten hole socket marked I2S on the board. Is it possible to use this rather than the P5 header?


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